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Banksy Bedtime Stories

                   nce upon a time, there was a king who ruled a great and glorious nation. Favourite amongst his subjects was the court painter of whom he was very proud. Everybody agreed … Continue reading

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Banksy & The Simpsons

Quick post, the internet was abuzz last night about The Simpsons’ opening couch sequence directed and storyboarded by Banksy I’m actually a bit surprised this is the direction he decided to go.  Well, not TOO surprised. I figured there would … Continue reading

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Web Finds for September 15, 2010

                              Recent links and the likes I have been meaning to share.  Enjoy! 1.1.) Pentax Nanoblocks Camera “Pentax is coming out with a new 14 megapixel digital camera this … Continue reading

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How We See The World

More specifically, how we see the world and translate it into art. I was walking by one of those somewhat tacky rainbow “wind spinners” in my neighborhood last night and thought about how someone many moons ago conceptualized that idea(original … Continue reading

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A Carnival of Brutalized Delights

In perusing my usual photo-dump sites I came across Epoch Organic, a series by Chad Wys on Behance.  I thought this body of work was interesting not because of applied technical skill by any means, but as someone who is … Continue reading

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Alternative Canvases

Happy New Year!/// And may all your quaintness be forgot! .. I never knew the words to that song.. After posting my last entry about paper craft, I felt compelled and inspired to discuss my interest in alternative canvases(canvasii?). The … Continue reading

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