Weekly Wrap-Up for January 30th, 2015

field trip x dualities & binaries x under astral skies

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Weekly Wrap-Up for January 23rd, 2015

views x the song cave x anticipation

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Weekly Wrap-Up for January 16th, 2015

likely stories x standard deviations x the power of negative thinking

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Treasure Nothing

“Treasure nothing, be willing to throw out anything. The story you just wrote that you are proud of should not be coddled and worshipped. You can do it again. If your house burned down with all your work inside it, you would still be the writer you are, and you would continue to be worth something.”

— J. Robert Lennon (via austinkleon) ♥

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Weekly Wrap-Up for January 9th, 2015

second selves x silent rebellion x it was pretty violent

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2014: wake up, nemo.

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First Night 2015: The Triumphant Return of BCAMFCAAATC

It’s baaaack..

When: Wednesday December 31, 5:30PM

Where: Boylston Street and Copley Square, Boston, MA

How: Sneak Peek

What/Why: “Boston Contemporary Art Museum For Contemporary Art, Artists, and Their Contemporaries”, Boston’s largest temporary contemporary art museum will be returning for one night only, participating in the parade down Boylston street at 5:30 and then parked in copley square the rest of night, unveiling our new “Digital Wing” and a special U-haul themed exhibit in the Museum’s Official U-haul. If you are around or need some New Years Plans come check it out, there will be lots of other cool things, I heard Yo La Tengo was playing.”

Participating Artists: Anthony Palocci Jr, Caleb Cole, Caleb Neelon, Clint Baclawski, Cristi Rinklin, Cyrille Conan, Daniel Deluca, Elaine Bay, Greer Muldowney, Joe Wardwell, Kate Gilbert, Kenji Nakayama, Maria Molteni, Matthew Gamber, Nabeela Vega, Nicole Duennebier, Phil Fryer, Randi Shandroski, Samantha Fields, Sandrine Schaefer, Scott Listfield,Silvia López Chavez, Thomas Willis, TJ Kelley III, & More…


Some of my favorite artists and people are involved with this. Not to be missed.

For the complete run down of First Night festivities check out the schedule of events here.

May all your auld acquaintances be forgot.

I mean, Happy New Year. ♥

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In Other Words

“The ‘secret’ is skill. If you haven’t learned how to do something, the people who have may seem to be magicians, possessors of mysterious secrets. In a fairly simple art, such as making pie crust, there are certain teachable ‘secrets’ of method that lead almost infallibly to good results; but in any complex art, such as housekeeping, piano-playing, clothes-making, or story-writing, there are so many techniques, skills, choices of method, so many variables, so many “secrets,” some teachable and some not, that you can learn them only by methodical, repeated, long-continued practice — in other words, by work.”

-Ursula K. Le Guin (via) ♥

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Weekly Wrap-Up for December 12th, 2014

Wrap-up Lite. I will be off the grid today, but I could never leave you hangin’:

Just pretend each event is accompanied by a stunning image and an informative description.

Until next week. ♥

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Today’s Headlines: Flying the Friendly Skies

It’s Monday. It’s cold. And I think we all could use a bit of good news right now given the state of..well, everything.

So let’s take a look at some uplifting headlines coming out of the New England art scene:

Carry on. ✈ ♥

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