Lunchtime: Fertile Solitude Edition

I must admit, it’s not lunchtime (at least not on this coast). It’s after dark and I’ve been working on emails, but I still think the “lunchtime” exercise of 60 minutes, stream of consciousness, minimal editing, makes sense for the occasion.

And it’s not as if this evening marks anything momentous, really. I’ve just had my head down working on Fertile Solitude the past few weeks, and now it’s here and happening.

In four days. howhowhowhowhow.

Since I haven’t really shared much about the exhibition except for the announcement and a few teaser images here & there, I wanted to take 3,600 seconds amidst the eleventh hour chaos to tell you a bit more about this show that’s been up my sleeve.

So, instead of lunchtime, let’s just call this a midnight snack.

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The October Wrap-Up

lunar attraction x here for now x until x fertile solitude

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TADA: Fertile Solitude

Hi! I’m curating a show this fall at the Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts and I’d like to tell you about it.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Young Collectors’ Night

(Harold E. “Doc” Edgerton, Pigeon Release, one of my favorite lots up for auction on September 23rd at Skinner)

Curious how auctions work? Ready to upgrade your IKEA art? Looking for a date night that doesn’t end with wincing once the bill arrives?

Well, have I got the event for YOU.

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The September Wrap-Up

here for now x correspondences x second skin x the new

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TGIF: Better Than Bad Edition

When Pokémon Go came out last month, I found myself devouring articles about the phenomenon despite not having downloaded it myself.

Aside from ridiculous user experiences, I was most interested in 1.) its positive real world applications (ie: players going to animal shelters to walk rescue pups, encouraging voter registration, raising money for charities, making kids in hospitals happier, etc) and 2.) how this one game seemed to turn our entire society into a legion of technological early adopters overnight.

I wasn’t hating on it, I was merely curious and baffled. It didn’t make sense..

..until I read an article in the Guardian that described the game as a balm against the evils of the world; a positive form of escapism that carried players far from the scary global, national, and regional headlines.

Got it. Their Pokemon Go, is my Baby Elephant LOVES his First Pool Experience youtube, which I have watched no less than 236,230 times in the past month.

And as we careen into the weekend, I wanted to contribute to the wave of positivity with my own feel-good findings; opportunities, grants, exhibits, and interviews that will hopefully make your day a tiny bit better.

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The August Wrap-Up

partial visibility x public trust x let them eat cake

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Revisiting 1994: A Governor’s Lapse in Judgment

Part 2 of my soliloquy will have to wait, there are more pressing issues.

Namely, the arts in Massachusetts are on the chopping block. Again.

“On Friday (July 8th), Governor Charlie Baker issued a budget veto that would slash funding for the arts, humanities, and sciences through the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) by more than half. The cut would exceed the value of MCC’s two largest grant programs, reducing state cultural funding to levels not seen since 1994.”

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Leaving June in June: Unpacking #bosarts News pt.1

Last month I had the pleasure of attending Art Basel in Switzerland, a jam-packed visit onto which I appended a multi-city excursion and an Icelandic stopover.

As you do.

And while I had an incredible time experiencing the grandfather of all art fairs firsthand and embarking on a spirit quest through the Alps, that’s a story for another day.

For now, I wanted to unpack some thoughts I had when I made the mistake of catching up on #bosarts news from afar.

It’s not that all the news was ‘bad’ per se, actually some of it was ‘good’, but it just felt like something was in the water last month. Or maybe something was in my water and I’m slowly dying of dysentery.

Either way, let’s leave June in June.. talking about it in July.

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The July Wrap-Up

 outside x body language x flowers of evil x sun & salt

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