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Season 4

(Alex McCord at Peter Tunney Fundraiser) “I’m not sure if Alex and Simon are in the market to buy art, but I know that they’ll come to the opening of an envelope” – Kelly Killoren Bensimon Kelly actually said something witty for … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-up for April 8th, 2011

Another one bites the dust.

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We Cannot Separate Ourselves From History

“If I was an Art teacher I would school my students in history, theory and philosophy because in my opinion, that’s what an artist should know inside and out. I grow tired of going to art galleries in Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Artist Showcase: Mary Hughes

(Ghost Spiral 3) At the Copley Society of Art Small Works exhibition this past fall, one artist’s painting stood out from the sea of canvases patterned along the surrounding gallery walls. It wasn’t a piece evoking shock, inciting controversy, or … Continue reading

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I just came across a review for Stacking, the latest XBox 360 game from Tim Schafer, the creator of Maniac Mansion, Psychonauts, and the Secret of Monkey Island. It is a game about a young chimney sweep named Charlie Blackmore, and … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-up for April 01, 2011

Have you had to encounter that co-worker yet whos all “Hey guess what?” “what.” “I heard you’re getting fired!” “WHAT?!” “….pfffffffffffftApril Fools!” D; Let’s kick over the water cooler and wrap this week up.

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