We Cannot Separate Ourselves From History

“If I was an Art teacher I would school my students in history, theory and philosophy because in my opinion, that’s what an artist should know inside and out. I grow tired of going to art galleries in Los Angeles and not being able to have a single conversation with any young artist because they don’t know their stuff. Most artists in LA seem to just want to put out super clean commercial art that would be sold at Urban Outfitters or some other trendy store. Some might be more original looking than others, but they clearly stuck in a Neo-Pop world that’s cornered them. We forget that artists in the past schooled themselves by making trips to Italy, France and Spain to absorb everything they could get their hands on. Young artists today often think they’re so cool and above it somehow…for me it’s getting old.”

-Sharon Fitzgerald

(If I was an art teacher…cont.)

(via The Art History Blog)

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