The Photography of Peter Lippmann


In this age of digital photography/ cellphone cameras / Photoshop filters, it is interesting to examine the changing face of photography.  I think the accessibility of cameras has led to a boom of budding photogs.. aand there is an oversaturation of people taking shitty grayscale pictures of bike wheels.  I am not envious of those who choose to be involved in the profession—it seems more competitive now than it has ever been.

Doug Urbank, one of the artists I was speaking with at the Fort Point Open Studios, was explaining that in his building the most expensive studios are located on the top floor/front side and were primarily inhabited by photographers fifteen some odd years ago.  Over time, photographers began to move down and out of the building- it was proving too difficult(but not impossible!) to make a living and the market wasn’t what it once was. I would not want to have the pressure of shooting someone’s Bat Mitzvah in order to keep a roof over my head. However, there are definitely people out there shooting amazing work and every now and then a photographer comes along who is comprised of the stuff dreams are made of:

Peter Lippmann has shot for Marie Claire, Vogue, Christian Louboutin, Cartier, and the list goes on.  His high-end client list is fitting for work that really speaks for itself. He has such a great aesthetic and the most unique ways of showcasing his subjects.  Peter takes traditional photographic/artistic principles and seamlessly enhances and imbues his images with modern techniques.

Be sure to check out the rest of his portfolio on Peter’s site, but fair warning, his swanky site is agonizingly slow to maneuver.  If you can get through the molasses, it is well worth it! ♥


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