The Gallery of Lost Art

(Wrapped Reichstag, Christo & Jeanne-Claude)

“A virtual exhibition in which we reconstruct the stories behind the disappearance of major works of modern art and present the evidence of how it happened.

Destroyed, stolen, rejected, erased, ephemeral. Some of the most significant artworks of the last 100 years have been lost, and can no longer be seen.

Some artworks were thrown out by accident or lost through neglect or decay. Others were obliterated by war, acts of violence or censorship, or were created to be temporary, lasting only a few years, months or even minutes.

Explore the records and discover how loss has silently shaped modern art history.”


What an incredible online art experience. Organized by the Tate, the site allows you to explore a virtual evidence room and learn the intriguing back stories of work you haven’t seen and may never see again.

Artworks are grouped by type of loss:

Attacked | Destroyed | Discarded | Ephemeral | Erased | Missing | Rejected | Stolen | Transient | Unrealized

And in the nature of the ephemeral, the exhibit itself will be offline in 7 hours!

Tour The Gallery of Lost Art here.

Run, don’t walk. ♥

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