You’re Invited: The Foundry Equation

What could 10,000 square feet of space mean for the local arts community?

Workshops? Lectures? Studios? Performance space? A very large trampoline room?

Right now, the city of Cambridge is mulling over this very question.

And The Foundry Equation thinks it may have an answer.

Come be a part of the solution.


The Foundry, located at 101 Rogers Street, is a 52,000 square foot building that was once a pump manufacturing facility, a motor freight station, and an aircraft parts factory among other things.

(Foundry images courtesy of Anna Schindelar)

Today, the building sits empty. It was given to the City of Cambridge last year by a local developer and it seems as though people are unsure of what to do with the beast of a space. Residents, city officials, and community organizations have grown impatient about the future of the neighborhood landmark and are eager to see what it may become.

That’s where The Foundry Equation comes in.

Art + Community = Renewal

10,000 square feet of the building has already been set aside as “community space”…a fairly broad term. Of course everyone would love to see it being used for something related to the arts and creative pursuits, but city councilors and decision-makers sometimes need a little help imagining what an idea like this could mean for the community.

Therefore, the City of Cambridge has given us the opportunity to showcase a one day event in the space, Saturday June 22nd from 11:00AM-3:00PM. 

Yes, Saturday as in..this Saturday.

Not deterred by time constraints, Opus AffairVoltage Coffee & ArtYes.Oui.Si. and myself have put our heads together to organize a whirlwind art initiative and open house showcasing the work of incredible local artists, musicians, galleries and arts organizations.

(Can we talk about this creepy/amazing walkway(note the LED runway lights..)on the 1st floor? I heard there will be an installation here on Saturday..)

This was an experiment, we didn’t know how it would go, but I have to say the outpouring of support has been unreal. It melts my icequeen heart to see so many local art enthusiasts stepping up to lend their art, time and love to this endeavor.

(After Coffee, Danielle Cestari courtesy of Sloane Merrill Gallery)

Enthusiasts including: The Cambridge Art Association, Sloane Merrill Gallery, 17 Cox, Turning Art, Lincoln Arts Project, The Lilypad, Blanc Gallery, The Hallway Gallery and many more. A full list of contributors will be posted here, later this week.

How can YOU help?

1.) Spread the word. Please share this post and the official press release with your networks.

2.) Show up.

When: Saturday June 22nd, 2013 11:00AM-3:00PM

Where: The Foundry Building, 101 Rogers Street, Cambridge, MA

How: Official Website | Press Release

RSVP: Facebook Event Page

Questions?: Let me know!

This isn’t a pipe dream. And 10,000 square feet of “community space” may just be the beginning. If enough troops are rallied, and enough buzz is generated, and enough $$$ ends up making enough ¢¢¢ to the city, the entire building could transform into a dedicated arts space; an art mecca right in the heart of Cambridge for students, performers, theater companies, teachers, musicians, arts organizations, and EVERYONE to enjoy.

We’re not talking about an extra studio in an Allston basement, we are talking about 52,

More than an acre.

(Google Image Search Results for: “Acre of Land”)

Join us next weekend and be a part of the solution to #thefoundryequation! ♥

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