Solution Set: The Foundry Equation


(image via 17cox)
(Pat Falco)
(Josh Falk)
(Nick Ward) 
(interactive installation by New American Public Art in action)

(Heather McGrath)
(The work of Daniele Cestari and Leo Mancini-Hresko courtesy of Sloane Merrill Gallery)

(Greg Cook ‘Enchanted Forest’ (detail))
(‘Enchanted Forest’ image courtesy of Greg Cook)

(GIANT JENGA courtesy of Feral and Co.)
(Sarah Gay)
(Jess Anderson)
(interactive installation by New American Public Art)

(Beth Hankes (detail))
(process image of flour installation by Christina Zwart via damadesign)
(various artists courtesy of Turning Art)

(Blanc Gallery)
(Nicole Duennebier courtesy of The Lilypad)
(Nicole Duennebier courtesy of The Lilypad)

(Warren Croce)
(art pow-wow in the Sloane Merrill Gallery corner office)

(Viktor Genel)
(The Peaches Equation. image via 17cox)
(Nick Ward)

(Diana Lisanto)
(!ND!VIDUALS Collective image via ms_mariette)
(Warren Croce)

(Maria Molteni (detail))

(whichlight caught in the web. image courtesy of damadesign)
(Zachary Lanoue)
(Community Art Center)

(Heather McGrath)
(FLUX. Boston and Feral & Co. together forever.)
(Adam O’Day)
(Chris O’Neill)

(Josh Falk)

(Blanc Gallery)

(Viktor Genel)
(Ben Bray)

(Sarah Gay)
(The work Adam O’Day with a diva cameo by his wife, Meghan)

(Viktor Genel and his MMORPH)

(Paige Wallis courtesy of Turning Art)
(Evan Voelbel courtesy of Hallway Gallery) 

And really, no arts event is complete until you use a leafblower to whisk away a flour installation..






A HUGE thank you to the over 500(!) people who came out last weekend and to the many participants who gave their time, love and energy towards making The Foundry Equation an incredible experience.

The positivity was infectious. It was great to see so many artists, families, city representatives and members of the community mixing, mingling, and rallying around a cause. That is what it’s all about.

The Foundry Equation‘s story doesn’t end here–this is only the beginning. And I’m confident that no matter what the future holds for the building, that we made a statement last Saturday about how meaningful a space like this could be to the community.

Moving forward, I hope we can raise this same sort of awareness for other spaces in and around the city that are vacant and brimming with a similar potential.

Basically, let’s do this again soon, OK?

Thank you to all, and to all a goodnight. ♥

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