A Way to Create Satisfaction

“My father wanted to buy a Nikon FM2 but could not afford it so he had to settle for the Olympus OM2. Dad did this by trading in one of his disapproving father’s Minox spy cameras. As an eight-year-old, I wanted to solve the conflict and get my dad what he wanted. I made a Nikon camera out of clay for him. I etched Nikon into the front of it and made little strips of film that fit in the back. As an adult, maybe I want a Glock or an HK MP-5 gun or a hand grenade or a Hermes Kelly bag–they’re all symbols of status and power. But I’m not really able to spend fourteen thousand dollars for an alligator Kelly bag. The work has been a way to create satisfaction.” – Tom Sachs

I recently picked up No. 1: First Works of 362 Artists for a friend. While leafing through, I stumbled upon this page and loved it.

I then purchased a copy for myself.


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