Month of Me: Summary Slide

So, Month of Me wasn’t exactly the vacation I envisioned. Just because I decided to take a month off doesn’t mean life was on board with the idea.

But over the past 30 days I did learn a few things:

1.) You were into the daily digest format! I have received such positive feedback from the series that I will certainly have to revisit it in the future. After all, there is no shortage of homegrown talent to spotlight.

2.) I should have probably chosen a better acronym for my month off the grid. I didn’t anticipate being thanked for making someone a “mom”.

3.) This was a valuable exercise in learning how (in theory) to relax. And while I failed to become one with the universe, Sadie reminds me daily that just because “MoM” is over, summer isn’t. And I am still allowed to close my laptop, enjoy the sunshine, and chase tadpoles with her in the lake by our house every once in awhile.

Dial down. ♥

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