Make A Day of It! Newton, MA

(Pearl Behind the Curtain(detail), by David Lowrey will be exhibited as a part of Pedigree)

Newton is a lovely suburban city about 7 miles west of downtown Boston. It also happens to be the site of my latest curatorial endeavor, Pedigree at the New Art Center. With the opening reception less than one.month.away, I wanted to provide you with some information on the area so you can make a day(or night) of your visit.



Karoun Restaurant

Address: 839 Washington St, Newton, MA 02460

What People are Saying: Karoun Restaurant on Yelp

How: Official Website

What/Why: “Our menu is famous for the sizzling kebabs, delectable appetizers and scrumptious desserts prepared according to our own family recipes. We incorporate traditional Middle-Eastern and Armenian dishes and also explore Mediterranean and other Eastern cuisines. Karoun also features an awesome Wine Collection and full bar service. “


Rox Diner

Address: 335 Walnut St, Newton, MA 02460

What People are Saying: Rox Diner on Yelp

How: Official Website

What/Why: “Hello, friend! Here at Rox, we prepare everything from scratch, with love. We buy local, organic eggs. Our bread is from a local artisanal bakery. Our produce is sourced more organically and locally every season. A husband and wife team devote acres of their land in Vermont to our pure maple syrup production, and our chicken, pork and beef is farm raised and all-natural. We love to make new friends and talk shop, and we are thankful and honored to host you!”


Lee’s Burger Place

Address: 216 Sumner St, Newton, MA 02459

What People are Saying: Lee’s Burger Place on Yelp

What/Why: “Hands down best burger in newton … Maybe Massachusetts. Nice staff. Reasonable price.  Weirdly under the radar — shouldn’t be at all.  Excepting the dinky dining space,  What more could you want?” -via yelp


Max and Leo’s

(“900 degrees, 2 minutes, 1 artisan pizza”. WHAT.)

Address: 325 Washington St, Newton, MA 02458

What People are Saying: Max and Leo’s on Yelp

How: Official Website

What/Why: “Well, it seems like the secret is out about Max and Leo’s. If you’re looking for an incredible gourmet pizza in the Newton/Watertown area, this is THE spot. The Marley pizza is delicious and the Margherita pizza is the best deal going for a cheese pizza. A hidden gem here is the mac & cheese – it’s phenomenal.”-via yelp


Farm Grill and Rotisseria

Address: 40 Needham St, Newton, MA 02456

What People are Saying: Farm Grill and Rotisseria on Yelp

How: Official Website

What/Why: “For years, we have been bringing you modern and authentic Greek cuisine, prepared fresh by our talented chefs right before your very eyes! Step inside our restaurant, as our guest, and let the aromas of fine Greek food engulf your senses! Please browse our menu and see for yourself why The Farm Grill and Rotisserie is one of Newton and Boston’s best hidden hot-spots!”


Cabot’s Ice Cream and Restaurant

Address: 743 Washington St, Newton, MA 02460

What People are Saying: Cabot’s Ice Cream and Restaurant on Yelp

How: Official Website

What/Why: “I love Cabot’s! I’ve been here a few times for ice cream after outings in Newton.  It has that old fashioned soda shop feel, and when I’m there, I feel like a kid in a candy store. You would need a century to get through the entire dessert menu. Any ice cream concoction you can dream of, they can make.  It’s always very crowded, but we don’t usually have a problem getting a seat around the bar. Definitely a nice treat once in a while!” -via yelp


Inna’s Kitchen

Address: 19 Pelham St, Newton, MA 02459

What People are Saying: Inna’s Kitchen on yelp

How: Official Website

What/Why: “Deli, Cafe, Bakery – Everything made from scratch! Specializing in Jewish cuisine from around the world: delicious, nutritious, traditional, and new. Exploring food from Eastern Europe, to the Mediterranean, Middle-East, Africa, and our own side of the pond.”


Aji Sushi

Address: 340 Walnut St, Newtonville, MA 02460

What People are Saying: Aji Sushi on yelp

How: Official Website

What/Why: “Finally! A great sushi place in my neighborhood!! We checked this place out on Friday night and the sushi was fantastic. We had the seaweed salad, tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, spicy tuna roll, rainbow roll and alaskan maki and it was all fresh and delicious. I thought they rivaled Fugakyu except Aji is much more reasonably priced.

The service is very prompt and polite and the restaurant itself is very nicely decorated. I’m very happy about this much needed addition to Newtonville.” – via yelp



Buff’s Pub

Address: 317 Washington St, Newton, MA 02458

What People are Saying: Buff’s Pub on Yelp

How: Official Website

What/Why: Buff’s Pub is great for all-American, watering hole atmosphere and roll-up-your-sleeves wings. If only the mobs of people would forget how great a find it is.”-Phantom Gourmet


Dunn Gaherin’s Food and Spirits

Address: 344 Elliot St, Newton, MA 02456

What People are Saying: Dunn Gaherin’s on Yelp

How: Official Website

What/Why: “This congenial little tavern is known for a colorful array of beer, filling food and a giant collection of whiskies, bourbons and Scotches. The prices are worth celebrating, as well. A 12-year Glenlivet can be had for a mere $8.50, and a glass of wine seldom breaks the $10 mark. Honestly, you’ll be lucky if you can still feel your face by 10 pm. Of course, this is Newton, so comporting yourself with a modicum of restraint is encouraged. And see that your tie stays out of your tartar sauce.” -Improper Bostonian


Brewer’s Coalition

Address: 344 Walnut St, Newton, MA 02460

What People are Saying: Brewer’s Coalition on Yelp

How: Official Website

What/Why: Brewer’s Coalition opened at 344 Walnut Street in Newtonville on August 13th, 2012.  We are a neighborhood restaurant and bar with a focus on craft beer. We feature 20 craft beers on tap and 30 in bottles and cans.  Our draft beer selection changes frequently, as we research and find interesting new selections from New England and beyond.  You can sample four of our “on tap” craft beer selections by purchasing our Brewer’s Beer Browser which includes, four 5oz samples.  We also have a full liquor license with a wide variety of sprits and wine.”


Other Things.

Second Appearance

Address: 801 Washington St, Newton, MA 02460

What People are Saying: Second Appearance on Yelp

How: Official Website

What/Why: “For almost 40 years 2nd Appearance has offered a wides variety of Casual Chic, Vintage & Designer Clothing. With hundreds of consigners, we get new-to-you items in daily.”


West Newton Cinema

Address: 1296 Washington St Newton, MA 02456

What People are Saying: West Newton Cinema on Yelp

How: Official Website

What/Why: “History – The West Newton Theatre was built in 1937 by a successful businessman and real estate developer, Ben Rockman. He felt the architecture of the West Newton was the best of the buildings he built in the area.”


Pedigree Opening Reception at the New Art Center

Address: 61 Washington Park, Newtonville, MA 02460

When: Friday September 20th, 2013 6:00-8:30PM

How: Official Website

Learn more about Pedigree and RSVP on the Facebook event page here.


Getting There

Q: So wait, I’d have to physically leave Boston to get there?

A: Listen, I totally hear you. A few years ago I would have balked at the idea of leaving Boston(leaving Boston=anything 5+ blocks away from my couch), but sometimes you just need to (wo)man up and take a train or drive. Afterall, I don’t know of any 2,000 sq ft venues with 25 ft vaulted ceilings downtown that are inviting curators to exhibit in their spaces, do you?

It will be well worth it. I promise.

Efficient Ways to Get to the New Art Center:

  • Commuter Rail: South Station on the Framingham Commuter Line Train, exit at Newtonville. And then boom, you’re there.

Also, it’s only 3 stops. South Station > Back Bay > Yawkey > Newtonville.

  • Drive(and carpool!): It’s 15 minutes from South Station and there is plenty of free parking available(large dedicated parking lot and plenty of public street parking) at the New Art Center.

If You Enjoy Several Modes of Transportation:

  • Take the Green Line (D/Riverside) train to Newton Highlands, and then take bus #59 North on Walnut Street(exit at CVS). The 59 bus can also be used from Watertown Square.

Bring a book. See the sights. Talk to strangers.

Inefficient Ways to get to the New Art Center:

  • The New Art Center is a 2 hour and 46 minute walk from South Station. Brisk.

Et al:

  • There are many other ways to get to the New Art Center. If you are still confused about the best route for you, be sure to check out the MBTA Trip Planner and plug in your address.

Now that travel logistics are squared away..


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