Your IAI Weekend: Re-Charting Pre-Charted Territory

(Meditations on the Tide, Samantha Fields, video shot and edited by Sue Murad, video and installation are a part of COVE  on Georges Island)

Stop, breathe, listen.
A meditation: as the tide comes in, the piece grows, one stitch per motion of the waves. As the tide goes out, the piece decreases, one stitch per motion of the waves–a doing and an undoing. It is a simple poetic gesture, participating in the ever moving, growing and shrinking edge of the shoreline; the filling up and the emptying out

SATURDAY. 08.15.16


12 artists have been invited to participate.
Each artist has chosen one day to occupy Spectacle Island.
Each artist will come over on the first ferry and leave on the last ferry on their chosen day.

Artists can only bring / use what they can carry over on the ferry.
Artists must leave the island empty at the end of their day.

There will be no remnants left behind.
The theme will be commitment.

Artists: Jimmy Canales & Megan Harrison

Re-Charting Pre-Charted Territory 

Jimmy James Canales and Megan Harrison are a collaborative team who create a combination of traditional and nontraditional artworks.  Currently they are on a yearlong “boots on the ground” expedition of the United States.  For the Time, Body, Space, Objects 4 exhibition they will present a performance based on the experience of engaging with nature.  They will be moving around the island all day, come see if you can spot them.


Jimmy James Canales and Megan Harrison have been collaborating on multiple bodies of work over the past two years. While most of their work is currently exhibited individually, they are embarking on their most immersive collaboration yet with Re-Charting Pre-Charted Territory (a year long expedition traversing the United States).

Canales received his BFA at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston and Harrison received her BFA at Metropolitan State University of Denver.  They met in graduate school at the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2010.

Their work is a collection of collaged materials, installation and performance. They are interested in the concepts and aesthetics of exploration, past and current perceptions of nature, survival, and the evolution of thought. They are reimagining the idea of the wild and of the frontier, in order to complicate what those ideas mean today.

Learn more about the artists here.

Learn more about TBSO4 here


..speaking of 34, this is the last weekend to catch it at Boston Sculptors Gallery! Gallery is open 12-6PM Saturday and Sunday (486 Harrison Ave), don’t miss it.

Enjoy your IAI weekend! ♥

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