IAI 2015: Weekly Forecast for 07/20-07/26

“If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad on the Boston Harbor Islands.”― Jane Austen(ish)


Saturday July 25th on Spectacle Island (All day!):

L = (1/2) d v2 s CL, Daniel S. DeLuca

Local Boston artist Daniel S. Deluca will spend his day on Spectacle constructing  and flying an object to study lift and drag.

“The lift L is equal to a lift coefficient Cl times the projected surface area A times the air density r times one half the square of the wind velocity V.   (L = Cl * A * r * .5 * V^2). Similarly, the drag D is equal to a drag coefficient Cd times the projected surface area A times the air density r times one half the square of the wind velocity V. (D = Cd * A * r * .5 * V^2) ” -nasa.

Daniel will be up be moving around the island all day in order to test different locations.

Participatory Sssound-Art Thing: ( pssst! ), Dirk Adams

Boston artist, Dirk Adams, invites visitors to Spectacle Island to come watch and take part in a four-person audio art game at the Philips-Jones shade shelter on Spectacle Island.  Four participants at a time wear headphones and listen to audio that weaves instructions for movement and interaction with storytelling and sonic .  Part audio walk, part instructional performance.  Duration is approx. 10 minutes per cycle, 40 minutes to do all four parts.  On-going throughout the day.

Dirk will be located at the shade shelter.

More information about these performances and the overall Time Body Space Objects series curated by Alice Vogler and Vela Phelan here.

Consult the Summer Spectacle Island ferry schedule here. (trip time: 20 minutes from Boston)


Artist Reception for 34

Sunday July 26th, 3-5PM at Boston Sculptors gallery. More information here. Run don’t walk.



Cove on Georges Island, 11 different site-responsive installations by regional artists, on view through August 26th

Isle de Monstruos Newsstand, Boston Harbor Islands Welcome Center on the Greenway. Friendly ranger. Treasure maps. Hidden monsters. On view through August 26th

Islands on the EdgeAtlantic Wharf Gallery, 290 Congress St, Boston , MA 02210
Artwork Inspired by the islands”Since their ancient formation by rising sea level, the Boston Harbor Islands have literally been on the edge of the continent, places where land meets sea. With the growth of Boston and its surrounding communities, the islands came to be unusual for their lack of inhabitants and development at the edge of a major metropolitan area. Figuratively, the Boston Harbor Islands have often been on the ‘edge of society’: places used to isolate people, institutions, and activities.” The Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC) is pleased to present Islands on The Edge at Atlantic Wharf Gallery, juried by Elizabeth Devlin of FLUX. Boston and featuring artwork inspired by the Boston Harbor Islands and responding to the interpretive theme outlined above.”on view through September 26th

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