IAI 2015: Weekly Forecast for 07/13-07/19

Opening day was only the beginning..


While the Isles Arts Initiative has been a many-splendored thing thus far, one weak link on my end has been my inability to relay information to you on FLUX. in a timely and quasi-structured manner since I’ve been out on the islands helping with COVE installation. Completely off the grid, and surviving only on air and cheese dogs.

That being said, in an effort to ensure you don’t miss a thing, I will be creating a weekly forecast in lieu of a wrap-up to keep you plugged in to all of exciting IAI happenings taking place in and around the city this summer!

The Week Ahead:

Islands on the Edge – Opening Reception

When: On view through September 26th, 2015

Opening Reception: Tuesday July 14th, 5-7PM (Tonight!)

Where: Atlantic Wharf Gallery, 290 Congress Street, Boston, MA

How: Learn More

What/Why: “Since their ancient formation by rising sea level, the Boston Harbor Islands have literally been on the edge of the continent, places where land meets sea. With the growth of Boston and its surrounding communities, the islands came to be unusual for their lack of inhabitants and development at the edge of a major metropolitan area. Figuratively, the Boston Harbor Islands have often been on the ‘edge of society’: places used to isolate people, institutions, and activities.”

The Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC) is pleased to present Islands on The Edge at Atlantic Wharf Gallery, juried by Elizabeth Devlin of FLUX. Boston and featuring artwork inspired by the Boston Harbor Islands and responding to the interpretive theme outlined above. FPAC is a non-profit community organization founded in 1980. Its mission is to promote the work of local artists to a broad and diverse audience, to preserve the artists’ community, to maintain and expand access to affordable studio space, and to increase the visibility of the arts in Fort Point. FPAC programs The Gallery at Atlantic Wharf with support from Boston Properties.”


This Land is a Ship at Sea – Megan and Murray McMillan

When: Thursday July 16th, All Day

Where: This video can be seen in the exterior wall of WGBH Boston studio (1 Guest St, Boston, MA 02135) over the Mass Pike!

How: Learn More

What/Why: “This new work consists of a constructed topographic map of Georges Island, using information from the National Park Service-University of Rhode Island’s Monumentation Project, which tracks permanent survey markers — called “sentinel sites” — in coastal parks to track rising sea levels due to global warming. In our constructed set, construction laser levels mark the territory of existing “sentinel sites” on the island. These laser level “sentinel sites” mark the constructed island as it sinks within the Dark Arches space of Fort Warren, based on research about the levels of the rising sea around Georges Island. “


Other Worlds by Katarzyna Balug

Department of Play. Collective. 2013- Department of Play brings a spirit of curiosity and wonder to public life through immersive, irresistible, and aesthetically appealing experiences in public space.  Department of Play creates temporary play zones in public spaces where people step out of the everyday and play out imagined worlds. As they envision alternate futures, participants share life experiences and collaboratively create artifacts of their fantastical universes. Our goal is to frame the city as a malleable, ongoing construction that residents can experiment with and affect. We stage play zones in unclaimed public spaces that are familiar yet unmemorable. We infuse narrative into “empty” spaces like vacant lots, public transit, sidewalks, or plazas, transforming them into places for social exchange and collective creativity. Through play, multiple forms of communication are possible; language no longer a barrier to sharing knowledge and perspectives.  Department of Play’s agenda includes the capture and dissemination of knowledge through research. We suspect that play is a powerful form of collaboration that could inform how cities engage their residents. Learning from our own experiences and that of other groups informs our growing body of research and publications. Visit www.deptofplay.com. This is a collaboration with anthropologist Maria Lucia Vidart and a broad circle of co-players. It is supported by: Expressing Boston, a fellowship from the Design Studio for Social Intervention and The Boston Foundation; and the National Arts Strategies Creative Community Fellows

When: All day Saturday July 18th, 2015

Where: Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor Islands

How: Learn More | Spectacle Island Ferry Schedule

What/Why: “Inspired by science fiction worlds and informed by urban planning studies, Boston artist, Katarzyna Balug’s practice flows from performance, installation, and sculpture to teaching, civic design, planning research, and curation. On July 18th, Kate will be inviting visitors on Spectacle to look, silently, all day. An embodied exquisite corpse. We all have agency but in community one’s decision affects the others. Look, mindful of the group looking with you. Take turns leading the looking – all day in silence, intuitively feeling when it’s time to lead and when to follow. We move across the island as a single organism.”



– Cove on Georges Island, 11 different site responsive installations by regional artists, on view through August 26th

– Isle de Monstruos Newsstand, Boston Harbor Islands Welcome Center on the Greenway. Friendly ranger. Treasure maps. Hidden monsters. On view through August 26th


It warms my ice queen heart to see so many of you using the #IAI2015 hashtag to share your amazing IAI images and experiences with the world (looks like you’re having fun!) and picking up my PR slack.

Many thanks, I knew I could count on you. ♥

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