FLUX. Fort Point Open Studios Cliffs Notes™

(Fort Point tunnel book, Laura Davidson)

Fall is in the air, which means cider doughnuts, pumpkins, increased heating bills, and a brand new season of Open Studios! I especially love when Fort Point artists open their doors, the neighborhood seems to come alive. With so many spaces accesible to the public and a plethora of participating artists, my friends over at FPAC asked me to share some of my do-not-miss picks for the 2012 Open Studios.


Jennifer Lewis

(The Woodsman)

Studio Location:  Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center Street, Studio 320

Official Website: jennlewis.blogspot.com

What/Why:  You may recognize her illustrative style from FLUX. Offline–Jen and her husband Tom live in the Kuntz-Kamera of Midway Studios, and I mean that in the most endearing way possible.  Faux taxidermy heads and fanciful paintings of deceased animals are seamlessly integrated into their home decor. And I love that every Open Studios, Jen somehow manages to replenish her portfolio with new and surprisingly affordable work!  Nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ quite like a disembodied pig.


Nicole Aquillano

Studio Location: Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center Street, Studio 211

Official Website: ceramicsbynicole.com

What/Why: A recent RISD grad, Nicole threw up her cap last spring, packed her pottery, and moved into Boston’s Midway Studios. As a newcomer to the building, she has already managed to fuse her work and home life together-not many people can say they live with a kiln as a piece of furniture. Nicole creates extremely detailed and thoughtful ceramic works with illustrative embellishments that give each piece a unique feel.  There is something comforting about her work, like you want to cozy up by a fire and drink a hot toddy chocolate out of one of her finely crafted mugs while pretending its the deep of winter.


Lisa Knox

(Open Bureau Object No. 2, Her Hymn)

Studio Location: 249 A Street, Boston, MA 4th floor

Official Website: lisaknox.com

What/Why: Lisa’s studio is like a living classroom, in addition to being a place she calls ‘home’, the artist also teaches painting lessons out of her gorgeous space. Shelves are stocked with tchotchkes from projects long since passed. While canvases and paints seem to swirl around her latest still life, surrounded by thoughtful sketches alluding to the final masterpiece. You can tell the artist truly has a command over her medium, an almost magical way of enlivening even the most ordinary of subjects.


Nathan Fried-Lipski

(The work of Nathan Fried-Lipski currently on view at Elsewhere)

Studio Location: Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center Street, Studio 618

Official Website: natephotography.com

What/Why: You may have seen Nate’s birdhouses and cabinets on view at Elsewhere at the Distillery Gallery, but he is one of those irritatingly gifted people who can build/make/do most things, and do them well. He needs a chair, and within a day he will have fashioned one out of an old crate. A pencil? Wittled in minutes. During the day you can find him snapping photos around Boston in order to afford his hoarder-like salvage habit. Be sure to stop by his studio and see what he’s whipped up for Open Studios, it’s sure to be incredible–maybe you’ll even pick up some DIY inspiration along the way.


Laura Davidson

(Tourists and 2 Venus, Laura Davidson)

Studio Location: 249 A Street, Boston, MA 4th floor

Official Website: lauradavidson.com

What/Why: I love stopping into Laura’s space because although I don’t know her, I’d like to imagine she has the patience of a saint. She creates the tiniest of mosaics, intricate pop-up books, and small painted playing cards that I’m convinced are the result of Cinderella’s mice long hours and a jeweler’s magnifying glass. Her studio is always inviting and filled with cabinets of old trinkets and tin toys that innocently hint at her sources of inspiration.


Andrew Neumann

Studio Location: 300 Summer Street, 5th floor

Official Website: adneumann.com

What/Why: Andrew is one of those artists whose work makes me happy that the internet exists. Whenever I try to explain his kinetic Casablanca film loop installation, or 2001 Space Odyssey piece that automatically scans over text on a track, or his superimposed Psycho v. 1998 remake video..I’m thankful I can send along a link to his website instead of rambling off an incoherent recap of his complex endeavors.


Dorothea van Camp

(Leonardo’s Lap (RW I))

Studio Location: 300 Summer Street, Unit 35

Official Website: unit35.com

What/Why: Dorothea van Camp and her husband Jeffrey P. Heyne have such an intriguing space chock full of otherworldly creations. Heyne creates motion inspired  works in the vein of Muybridge, while van Camp renders dream-like swirls and patterns that baffle on a technical level-it’s almost as if you’re looking at a sophisticated spirograph. After so many Open Studios visits to her home, maybe 2012 will be my year to finally sit down with the artist and pick her brain.


Jodie Baehre

(Beech Nut Factory)

Studio Location: Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center Street, Studio 219

Official Website: jodiebaehre.wix.com

What/Why: When Jodie isn’t holding down the fort as founder of local Arts organization Glovebox, she is a wife, dog mom, and artist in a cavernous studio space on the 2nd floor of Midway. She beautifully renders scenes of familiar Boston landmarks, and not-so-familiar spots around the City. Even paintings of unknown alleys have an air of local familiarity that resonates with Bostonians-she is truly an artist with a deep appreciation for her City. I mean, her dog’s name is Allston, need I say more?

(Allston guarding the studio)


Quick Tips:

  • Don’t forget your checkbook! Some artists may not accept credit cards and wouldn’t it be nice to say you finished up your holiday shopping BEFORE Halloween?
  • Stop by the group show in the old theater space of Midway Studios, over 15 participating artists!
  • Welcome artist-run Made in Fort Point store to its new location at 30 Channel Center Street, pick up unique and affordable gifts while supporting your local art scene
  • Grab a map. It’s extremely helpful in aiding your decision making process especially towards the end of the day when your head is spinning and there are 15 minutes left before doors start slamming shut.
  • While in the neighborhood, be sure to grab lunch at Channel Cafe – everything on the menu is amazing. If you end up dining there, please fax me a BL&FGT (bacon/lettuce/fried green tomato) sandwich. Many thanks.


Full list of participating artists here.

(Barbie with O-Rings No. 18 , Jeffrey Heyne)

Fort Point Open Studios will be held:

Friday October 19th: 4:00-7:00pm || Saturday October 20th – Sunday October 21st: 12:00-6:00pm

Hope this was a helpful guide–come by early so you have enough time to visit all the sites and make the most of your day!

See you there. ♥

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