So, how was the BBQ?

(The work of Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy as seen on BLDG//WLF)

If you have been checking-in on Twitter / The Book, you already know all this, but last week I received my BRA Artist Certification(sometimes I paint) which enables me to occupy artist live/work space in Boston.

While the application took months to review(your work is critiqued by a panel) and for certification to be instated, in the course of what felt like a few hours I was signing on the dotted line for an amazing loft in Fort Point’s Midway Studios.

Exhibit A:

That being said, I spent my weekend packing/throwing shit on the floor unpacking and am now beginning to get my life back together with a boy, a dog, and 2 of which has a penchant for crawling into knife drawers.


No cable or internet connection to speak of at this time, which has made an impossibility.

I just need like…2 minutes and a 40 duct taped to my hand cup of coffee to get back into the swing of things.

Knowing me, I’ll be back tomorrow. I just wanted to break the weekend radio silence and keep you guys in the loop with all the exciting happenings.

You’re the best. ♥


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