Beauty is Embarrassing

“Beauty is embarrassing. Now what do I mean by that? Beauty is a many pronged thing, it has many sides to it. When we see something beautiful, truly beautiful, we’re in awe and raw emotion comes to the surface. We’re also humbled by it. We’re not worthy. That emotional vulnerability, that insecurity, those are both embarrassing situations…’if only I could make something that beautiful’ and ‘if only I was that beautiful’, so we’re sort of embarrassed for ourselves when we are struck by true beauty.

Artists and creative people, are people who make beauty. Now that’s the bottom line–I mean, that’s what we do. We make beauty. I’ve been trying to make beauty my whole life and..even saying that is embarrassing, but I have.”

Wayne White


I loved this documentary. So very much.

Watch Beauty is Embarrassing on Netflix streaming here. ♥

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