Webfinds for December 14th, 2011

(Katy Sleeping, Philip Harris)

I should be working on my end of year reporting.


soft decay x resist x le sphinx mystérieux x dream giver


Philip Harris


“It is an impressive body of work, standing completely outside the orthodoxies of contemporary art practice…. Philip Harris is an example of an artist whose paintings have emerged form the crowd, it now looks resilient enough and authoritative enough to survive far away from the mainstream, chilly and rather fascinating.”-Charles Suamarez Smith 


Tristram Landsdowne

(Typus Montis Ventris)


Le Sphinx Mystérieux

(Le Sphinx Mystérieux, by Charles Van der Stappen, 1897)


Kevin Taylor

“Kevin Earl Taylor was born December 28, 1972 in Charleston, SC.  In 1995, he received a B.F.A. from The Savannah College of Art and Design.  His work has been exhibited throughout the US, as well as internationally.  Though primarily an oil painter, he also explores time based art forms such as sound and video.  Kevin lives in San Francisco, CA.”


Allan Innman


“I’m a starving artist living and working in the deep south. I call Mississippi my home. This blog features my artwork and daily murmurings and bemusings. I find inspiration in the strangest of places.”


Ronit Judelman


“This body of work has a biographical as well as an existential element, both cathartic in nature. Through its making I discovered links between being an artist, a clinical psychologist and a second-generation Holocaust survivor. Ostensibly, the stimulus for this body of work was the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. However, in the course of creating the works, deep-seated personal issues surfaced, culminating in the insight that my subconscious drive is to aestheticise the deadly. The intention is to make this world a better place verbally in my therapeutic work, and visually through my art making style. This has become my legacy.”


Langdon Graves

“Langdon Graves is a girl from Virginia who lives in Brooklyn.”


Stephen Cefalo

(Dream Giver)

“The fine Art world is largely engaged in a relentless (and increasingly futile) pursuit of the new. In his Bio it notes that he worked as an assistant to Jeff Koons who arguably is also interested in combining Fine Art with pop-culture imagery but Mr. Cefalo’s efforts could hardly be in sharper contrast. After that it says he worked as an illustrator for Rugrats consumer products, so he’s very well acquainted with commercialism. He seems to have rejected both of these trajectories. At the same time he was studying under Steven Assael, a different kettle of fish altogether. His interest in Fine Art is historical rather than creating new paradigms, and his interest in illustration has less to do with commercialism than with drama and craftsmanship. He cooks all this up into an allegorical stew of personal narratives that are occasionally cryptic, sometimes troubling, sometimes sweet, but always rendered with loving skill.”- David Carmack Lewis


Attitude Creative

(via behance)


Anna Deflorian



Aganetha Dyck

(via polar bear prince)


Paco Pomet



Gregory Euclide

(I imagined soft decay hiding in the scenic turning)


Cathy Daley

“Drawing on persistent cultural images inspired by ballerina tutus, the garb of fairy-tale princesses and Barbie doll couture, my work investigates childhood memories of what it means to be female in Western culture and explores cultural representation of the feminine and the body. The drawings mine contemporary vocabularies of glamour, fashion, popular culture, cartoons, street signage, Hollywood cinema, fairy tales, and mythology, to examine the iconography of the feminine as it exists in the cultural imaginary, personal memory, and fantasy. I work primarily in the medium of drawing and almost exclusively with black pastel on translucent vellum. This medium with its potential for overwriting offers me the possibility of a spontaneous and direct working process. I use black pastel for its depth and wide range of tonality. The drawings often have an almost sculptural presence as a sense of volume is produced. I also use black pastel because it is an elemental drawing material. Some recent works incorporate collage elements culled from fashion magazines, combining mechanical reproductions with hand drawn gestures. Some of  the new work has incorporated colour to explore visceral references to the body.”


Morgaine Faye

“For my Advanced Illustration Studio course, I will be creating a series of theme-based blog posts. I’ll be making drawings and paintings inspired by photographs that I tumble on my blog here and posting them on this blog bi-weekly.

My tumblr has been a constant source of inspiration since I began about8 months ago, and I often times find myself there when I have drawers block. Interpreting the images that inspire me the most will allow me to experiment with media and abstraction without letting myself get too wrapped up in the concept.”

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