Web Finds for May 18th, 2011

(The work of Sergio Lopez)

When it rains for 5+ days straight..no sun.. ALL WE HAVE IS THE INTERNET.


Let’s see what the cat dragged in..


The Home of Charlotte Rust

(via The Selby)


Contemporary Mythology of Caitlin Hackett

(In the Aftermath)


Sergio Lopez

(piece from Painted Roses series)


Jason Freeny

(Cutaway 6″ Anatomical Hello Kitty)


Greg Simkins Teaser

(via arrested motion)


Jed Heuer

(Vampire Caves)


Trevor Jackson


Anthony Palocci Jr.

(Bear with Diamonds)


Far 4

(Penelope Asleep with her Chinchilla and Ceramic Bomb )

I want everything on this website.


Aaron Nagel

(via Look in Art)


(Reese’s Dog, Jed Heuer)

Have a lovely Wednesday. Take some Vitamin D.  We got this. ♥

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