This Piece of Hope

“Through the imaginary, you conceive of another world.  And you offer this world to others. To say: ‘Here is a land’ ‘it may be surreal, fictional, but here is this land.’ ‘Here is this piece of hope.’ This piece of divine moon that I give to you. That’s why the artist is indispensable to the city.” – unknown artist from Inside Out: The People’s Art Project

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Parisian street artist, JR.

His documentary Inside Out: The People’s Art Project is currently available on HBO and it’s wonderful.

Across continents, I watched as a public art project transformed into something personal and impactful, forever leaving its mark on the communities it touched.

One idea has sparked a global collaboration and an artistic revolution. Consider me inspired.

Let’s turn the world inside out together.

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