The Subconscious Effect of Daylight

Because it is a Friday, and I’m aching to leave my office, I find it appropriate to post some of Daniel Rybakken’s work.  Although his “Daylight Entrance” installation is subtle, I think it makes a bold statement.

His LED pieces were set up in the stairwell and entrance of a Stockholm office building lacking natural light and gives the illusion of sun streaming through an opening.

Rybakken further explores this artistic technique with his “Subconscious Effect of Daylight” side table/lamp which utilizes artificial shadows cast to the floor to capture a similar feel.

This takes SADD lamps to a whole new level.  I feel like offices should incorporate this technique in some way to make winters a little more bearable.  An increase in natural light will decrease the likelihood of fistfights ‘round the water cooler and passive aggressive notes on the kitchen fridge re: missing tuna fish sandwiches.

“Tell me every little thing…I’ve got time….and Kashi…”

I will propose this to HR on Monday. à tout à l’heure‎! 

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