Other Order : A Sound Walk Through Bussey Brook Meadow

When: App available for download October 1st through long after we’re dead.

Where: Arnold Arboretum | 125 Arborway | Boston | MA | 02130

Opening Reception: Saturday October 18th, 1-3PM (South Street entrance)

Download the App: Google Play | App Store

What/Why: “Created by media artist Teri Rueb and illuminated by the voice of the Arnold Arboretum’s retired Senior Research Scientist, Peter Del Tredici, the sound walk is a GPS-enhanced application that senses the participant’s movement and location and in response, plays back sounds and stories at specific points in the landscape. It’s an innovative approach to interpreting the complex natural and cultural history of this fascinating urban wild. Visitors are encouraged to download the app at home in advance of their visit and wear headphones for optimal listening.”

PS: Don’t forget to bring your fully charged mobile device and headphones!


If you are unfamiliar with Teri‘s work, you might want to get acquainted.

In 2007 when I was still fairly new to the city, I spent some time with her Core Sample interactive sound walk on Spectacle Island. Wow. It has since influenced my thinking as a curator; identifying unique ways to create engaging and immersive experiences.

I can’t wait to try Other Order out for myself. Next sunny autumnal day, I will certainly be at the arboretum with bells/headphones on. ♥

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