Kick It. National Poster Retrospecticus Tour 2013

“The National Poster Retrospecticus is a collection of hand printed event posters from artists, designers, and events around the country. Last year marked the first year of the show and it was hosted at Lincoln Arts Project in Waltham, MA. It featured over 150 posters from more than 50 artists, and the show was a huge success. Almost immediately we realized we wanted to do the show again, and we knew we’d have to do it BIGGER with more artists, more posters, and most importantly — more places. The National Poster Retrospecticus Tour was born…

In April of 2013 we’ll be taking this tour on the road to seven different cities, returning home to an extended show in Boston. We’ll be driving the posters around, setting up the show for a one night event in each city, taking it down and moving on to the next one! 

Burlington, VT – April 3
Rochester, NY – April 6
Detroit, MI – April 10
Minneapolis, MN – April 13
St. Louis, MO – April 16
Richmond, VA – April 20
Boston, MA – May 3

The show this year will feature over 300 posters from more 75 different artists, nearly doubling the size of last years show — and will include work from such Amazing Artists as Daniel Danger, Aaron Draplin, Dan McCarthy, Aesthetic Apparatus and TONS more.

But we need your help!!..”

That’s your cue.


(Posters from the 2012 Retrospecticus)

One week into fundraising and the gents are already past the halfway point!

Join me in kicking the National Poster Restrospecticus forward here. ♥

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