I Care More About Experience

(Joan Rivers by David Shankbone)

Photographer, David Shankbone‘s images are found in over 5,000 wikipedia articles and he is considered by some to be “the most influential new media photojournalist in the world.” His photos have been in the New Yorker, Forbes, and Vanity Fair and he does it all for free.

“I care more about experience than money. I was at a party once where someone asked me about my work and she said I must make a lot of cash. When I said I give my photos away to the public, she looked at me like I was a fool. She derisively asked, “Why would anybody do that?” and I replied “What did you do last Tuesday?” She said that she came home from work late and watched Law & Order on her DVR. I said, “Last Tuesday I had a four-hour dinner with Augusten Burroughs, and then I photographed him. I didn’t make any money off of it, but it was a hell of a Tuesday night.” Then she smiled and got what I was about.” 

Learn more about David here. ♥

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