Hold My Calls: IAI 2015 Edition

As some of you already know, the past year and a half has been dedicated to getting a project in our fair city off the ground, and I am now approaching a critical point in that process where big ideas are translated into realities.

I have been giving 110% this entire time, but I now need to summon 150% for the next month or so to ensure these sleepless nights were not in vain.

I may even need to crop up again and ask for your help, dear readers, but in the interim -please send all positive juju my way.

Really, I wanted to take this moment to pop out of my molehill and say hello, and reassure you that FLUX. is not going anywhere.

Just know I’m here in the background, standing topless on a podium and brandishing the french flag (it just feels right), fighting the good fight.

More soon. ♥

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