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  (Thank you x ∞ to JSGD for their continued ♥/support/web design prowess on FLUX.)

Today marks the official launch of FLUX. Consulting!


Check out the site here!

As a side hobby, I had been placing artwork in the homes and offices of friends/family/colleagues over the past few years whenever someone needed a hand(or in this case, an eye). I enjoyed embarking on these projects and finding art solutions for lonely walls so much so that a few months ago I began looking into how I could pursue art consulting in a more official capacity.

It makes sense. After going to countless Open Studios, writing Weekly Wrap-Up’s featuring the work of local artists, and immersing myself in the Arts Community over the past 5 years, I decided it was about time to connect this large pool of talented artists with buyers who need help figuring out an art program for their space. I view consulting as an extension of the work I already do with FLUX.

And I am happy to report that I have already hit the ground running. From word of mouth(thank you!) I have already started working on a few projects and can’t wait to share images and anecdotes with you on an upcoming gallery and testimonials page in the coming months.

I may have an OK eye for art, but I couldn’t do all this alone. I have teamed up with a brain trust of regional Arts professionals who are insanely talented in areas that compliment and enrich the consulting process. These individuals specialize in framing, installation, mural work, photography, and more(!) to help provide the best quality service to clients who want to live or work around great pieces of art, ensuring that FLUX. Consulting can be the answer to all of a client’s art needs.

I am very excited to pursue this passion project, helping to facilitate connections between clients and regional artists, and doing my small part to strengthen the Boston art market.

Let’s embark on this journey together.

Please continue to spread the word to friends and colleagues, and if you’re an artist, get on my radar.

FLUX. Consulting. Saving clients from Le Chat Noir in homes and Successories in offices since 2012.

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