RANKED: Top 10 Dead Animals

Last weekend I headed down to Providence to check out Dead Animals at the David Winston Bell Gallery at Brown.

I was half-expecting it to be kitschy, endearingly low-brow, and full of questionable decisions, but wow. I was blown away.

The gallery brought in 18 heavy-hitter artists from across the globe for a show which explores the history of taxidermy, its resurgence in contemporary art, animal-human relations, and ethics surrounding the art form.

Aesthetically, the curation is also wonderful — an incredible use of space. The exhibition has your eye wandering up to the ceiling, peering down into corners, and oftentimes you’ll find yourself crouched down for a better look at the work.

Your knees have been warned.

OK. Without further adieu, my favorite dead animals..

10.  Deborah Sengl, Killed to Be Dressed

(stoat detail)

9. Mark Dion, Concrete Jungle (Mammalia)

(opossum detail)

8. Damien Hirst, Away From the Flock

7. Nicholas Galanin, Inert

6. Sarah Cusimano Miles, Brown Bear (Ursus Arctos)

5. Thomas Grünfeld, Misfits (goat/fawn)

4. Polly Morgan, Systematic Inflammation

3. Richard Barnes, Giraffe, Academy of Sciences

2. Thomas Grünfeld, Misfits (penguin/peacock)

1. Deborah Sengl, Der Fuchs-als Rauber-ertant sich seine begehrte Beute

(The fox-as predator-disguises himself as the prey he covets)

Don’t worry, I haven’t completely spoiled the show for you. There are plenty of incredible works I purposely omitted so that you’ll still have a reason to go and be amazed.

Dead Animals is on view through March 27th.

So go on now. Shoo. ♥

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