Caleb Neelon’s Victory Garden

(Life in All Its Rich Variety, Caleb Neelon)

If you live in Boston, by now I’m sure you are quite familiar with the work of Caleb Neelon.

No stranger to press and a master of the marketable hustle, Caleb has a way of getting people talking about his work and initiatives.

Press x  Praise x Sears Portrait Studio x Local Laud x Rewriting History


(E Pluribus Duo, (click image to enlarge))

And you know what? He deserves it. Caleb is one of the first people I encountered in Boston who somehow manages to effortlessly balance having his head in the clouds and feet firmly planted to the ground. Not one to sugar coat, and with a wry grin, Caleb will tell it like it is.

Want to make a living as a young artist in Boston? Read up.

How do we keep creativity in this city? Let’s talk.

And from my dealings with him, he has always offered up an honest and.. candid perspective on the local art scene:

One of the signs of a really thriving art scene is when openings become places where young sexy people meet other young sexy people to go home with and do young sexy things.  We need to promote this in Boston.

The outspoken artist is currently showing his work in a solo exhibition at Endicott College in Beverly, Victory Garden. And Arts website, 12 oz Prophet, recently featured a comprehensive write-up of the show, the artist, and his inspirations.

(prior outdoor work of Caleb in Patan, Nepal 2003)

..So instead of restating the nitty gritty, I will share a photo from Caleb’s studio of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell wielding Super Soakers™:

..along with other process photos from Victory Garden:

In addition to the 16 new works currently on exhibit, these photos are a sneak peek of the second aspect of Victory Garden, a 12′ x 24′ installation up high in the Endicott Center for the Arts’ atrium.

After spending several days getting acquainted with a 45′ cherry picker, Caleb will be giving a talk, Forgiveness is Easier than Permission, on Tuesday March 6th at 7PM and holding a reception (5-7PM) at the gallery to celebrate the completed work.

(Art is glamorous.)

More details on the exhibit and reception here.

More information on Caleb’s work here.

This is Ferdinand.  ♥

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