A Pictorial Look at Distillery Open Studios

(I spy with my little eye…)

As you may remember, last time I caught up with the Distillery folks was during the Spring Open Studios which unfortunately coincided with my moving day. I ran through the building at blinding speeds leaving cloud outlines in my wake, all so I could make it home in time for a mover to drag my mattress across the dirt.

On this visit I was able slow down a bit, enjoy a Narragansett™ or five, and take the time to mill about the building’s six floors. There were so many passionate artists tinkering away at amazing undertakings, it was hard not to get caught up in all the buzz.

What I like most about the Distillery, unlike many other live/work spaces, is that when these artists accidentally spill paint on the floor, they don’t have to follow behind with a paper towel and householdcleanser.

Ah, authentic artist grime. Come get your hands dirty..


Dana Woulfe // Kenji Nakayama


Pat Falco


Dance Party Massacre


Nick Ward


Corey Corcoran


Scott Chasse



Aimee Belanger


Joyce McDaniel


Adam O’Day // KDonz

(Margaux proudly shows off her latest Adam O’Day acquisition)


Et Al


(Shana Paleologos(magazine), Josh Falk(city sculpture), Lisa Scollan(mannequin), Peter Johannsen(tools), Mary Walker Graham(type), AntiDesigns(silkscreen), et al)


So, maybe I went a little overboard with the pictures.


Such an amazing time. See you in the Spring! ♥

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