Dali’s Guidelines

10 Guidelines For Anyone Who Wishes To Be a Painter

1. Artist, better be rich than poor; learn to work with the brush in such a way that under it gold and jewels are born.
2. Painters should not fear perfection. They will never achieve it.
3. First of all, learn to paint like the old masters. Then you’ll be able to paint the way you want (like yourself) and everyone will respect you.
4. Don’t lose your eyes, hands, and especially your head – to become a painter you will need them.
5. If you are one of these who think that contemporary art has overcome Vermeer and Raphael’s art do not read this book but remain in the state of blissful idiotism where you belong.
6. Don’t be ignorant in the art of painting otherwise after your death the art of painting will ignore you.
7. Laziness doesn’t bear masterpieces!
8. Artist, paint!
9. Artist, do not drink alcohol and (for all your life) do not smoke hashish more than 5 times.
10. If the art of painting does not love you, all your love for it will be pointless

Salvador Dali from 50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship 

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