Where you Should be This Weekend

As the following jpg suggests..

10th Annual Fort Point Arts Community
Spring Open Studios Weekend
May 7, 8 and 9
Friday 4-7pm
Saturday and Sunday 12-5pm

The Fort Point Open Studios are this weekend!  Definitely an event I look forward to all winter.

“Twice each year the artists of Fort Point invite the public to visit our studios. Open Studios is an opportunity visit studios, meet artists, and see the work in the environment where it was created. Most of the artwork you see is available for purchase.
Visitors to Open Studios pick up a map and directory brochure, and can walk from building to building, exploring our historic warehouse neighborhood.
All Open Studios Events are free to the public, with free parking.

This year’s Art Walk features something new:
Demonstrations, artists talks, and more, throughout the weekend.”

Come check out some work in the artists’ studios, drink some wine, eat some stale tootsie rolls, become so inebriated you walk out purchasing a pricey installation of troll doll$ covered in tinfoil and glitter puffy paint, justify it as a Koons throwback, regret it, mourn, and hope someone takes you to a pity soup/salad/breadsticks luncheon at Olive Garden so you can lick your wounds…


see you there! ♥

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