Web Finds for January 25th, 2011

(Green Duplex, Seth Armstrong)

Happy Tuesday! Work is busybusybusy, but I wanted to send some fun web finds your way to help wash away the agony of the morning commute.

Did you fall? I almost did. Twice πŸ˜‰

11 Fictional Glimpses of the Boston of Tomorrow

β€œThe history of the future is not long. The idea of it β€” of the future as a place, distinct from what we know β€” seems to have arisen as a storytelling device only around the Age of Enlightenment. But the genre only seriously got going after the Industrial Revolution. As mills were built, rivers polluted, and forests stripped, people were able to see for the first time the massive, lasting change they could have on their environment. Wondering what would come next was only natural.

So it makes sense that two of the earliest science-fiction stories were written in β€” and about β€” Boston.

β€œI would argue that Boston is the most engineered city in the world,” saysΒ Future BostonΒ contributor David A. Smith (see interview). From the filling-in of the Back Bay to the excavation of the Big Dig, Bostonians have transformed the very topography of their city to suit their whims. β€œThey keep doing this stuff,” Smith says, β€œand it just doesn’t stop.”

And it didn’t. Again and again, science-fiction writers have re-engineered, rebuilt, and re-invented the Boston of the future. From giant utopian pyramids to the Great Concavity, from zombie warfare to the Red Sox losing β€” again β€” we present a brief history of the futures of Boston.”

(via Boston Phoenix)


Highest Resolution Photo of a Nebula Ever Taken

Zoomable.Β  I spent a good 15 minutes poking around, looking for life πŸ˜‰


Portlandia: Put a Bird on It

Cute video that pokes fun at recent trends in crafting and design. It is the era of etsy and DIY. Spruce it up. Make it pretty.


The Work of Kelsey Brooks

β€œKelsey Brookes is an artist of contrasts. His well-documented background in microbiology, surf culture and folk art combine in explosive prisms of raucous color, bold imagery and timeless motifs. Raw and un-tethered, his vibrant, mixed-media assemblages reveal a free-flowing aesthetic that’s altogether energetic, sexual and humorous. Each work is a microcosm of life itself, where smiley-faced characters and wild animals cavort with abstract forms and splices of color to form something infinitely complex and visually joyful. Brookes’ quick ascent to artistic success in both the United States and the Europe has led to a variety of fine art and commercial platforms, increasing the demand and value of his work. β€œ


Just for Fun: Net Husk Virtual Pavilion

Have to share. From a few weeks ago, but I still can’t.get.through.this.without.laughing. (NSFW audio) They are also the guys behind Marcel the Shell With Shoes on and Bestie x Bestie.


The Work of Jessica Joslin

Bio: β€œJessica Joslin spent her early years wandering through the halls of natural history museums, enchanted with the exquisite Victorian-era taxidermy and osteological displays, with their brass fittings and gleaming wood. Inspired by these visits, she began to slowly acquire a collection of natural objects: shells, seedpods, feathers, bones, and assorted oddities. In 1992, she began building the first beasts of this menagerie, using objects from this collection.”


Shepard Fairey –Obey to be Better

Love him or hate him, Shepard Fairey has had a huge hand in elevating/gaining attention for street art and shifting ideas within the fine art world.Β  This is a great interview that gives insight into the man behind the artist, the stencils, the clothing line, and the controversial Obama poster.


Swoon at TEDxBrooklyn

β€œGreat video ofΒ Callie Curry aka Swoon speaking at TED talks in Brooklyn. She shares about her work and wanting to change the world and her environment and how she did exactly that:

β€˜I wanted to become part of something larger than myself, I wanted to embrace the world and become a part of the world…looking back on it I think that my response to that desire was quite literal, I basically started making drawings and sort of gluing them to the world, to walls and things…’”

(via ML4U)


Why Charming Baker Shoots Paintings

(via Wooster Collective)


The Work of Seth Armstrong

Spraygraphic Interview with Seth

SG: Please tell us about yourself?

SA: Born and raised in the Silverlake district of Los Angeles. My parents were actors for most of my life.

I moved to the Bay Area for school, where I attended the California College of the Arts, formally the California College of Arts and Crafts. In 2006 I got my BFA after a semester abroad in Northern Holland, and have been painting ever since.

I recently got mugged by a couple of teenagers with a gun. I beat them up and took it from them.


Back to the grind. Time to make tea. Hide in my office. Put on Hood Internet Mixtape vol. 4. And get this day DONE. β™₯

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