So Long, Fertile Solitude

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and Fertile Solitude is no exception to the idiom.

Although the walls may be down and the gallery is restored to a blank canvas for future dreamers, the exhibition lives on through images.

So let’s end 2016 on a high note with some maze memories to keep us warm through the winter..



Boston Center for the Arts, for allowing us to be guests in your home.

Randi Hopkins, for working closely with myself and participating artists to make the exhibition the best it could be, + infinite gold stars for going above and beyond the call of duty, as always.

Melissa Blackall for documenting the show (that’s all her handiwork ^) and for capturing countless great moments at the opening.

City of Boston Department of Arts & Culture & Boston Cultural Council Opportunity Fund for supporting the artists of Fertile Solitude

Whole Foods Market – South End/INKBLOCK, for feeding everyone.

Maria Finkelmeier and Drew Worden for creating melodic site-responsive sounds for Listening the Labyrinth

Jeff Grantz of Materials + Methods / ILLUMINUS for lending technical know-how and equipment

Tony Palocci + Devon Clapp for creating a maze to get lost in

Pat FalcoLindsey Stapleton + Corey Oberlander for making my life easier

Boston Globe, Art New England, Artscope, Mass Cultural Council, Huntington NewsBoston University Daily Free Press and Harvard Crimson for all of your kind words

Yellowtail + A Moon Shaped Pool for aiding in the curatorial process

and of course..


Piper Brett

Caleb Cole

Emily Eveleth

Dana Filibert

Cig Harvey

Kyle Hittmeier

Annette Lemieux

Megan and Murray McMillan

Noritaka Minami

Hao Ni

Steven Pestana

Shelley Reed

Erin M. Riley

Sarah Wentworth

Fertile Solitude was such a bright spot in my year, hopefully yours as well – thank you all for being a part of it. ♥

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