This Just In: Clever Advertising Still Exists.

In recent years, I feel like clever advertising has really been lacking in The States.  I single us out based on my impression that all these American Pie VII flicks, Rob Schneider, toilet humor, Smirnoff icings have seemed to dumb us down a bit as a culture.  Toilet humor/gimmicks/cheap gags have replaced wit in many cases. Or at least it seems we as consumers are being perceived as less complex?  Not sure how to fully articulate my sentiment, but lets take a quick look at two examples I thought of offhand.

Dr. Manhattan hits the Thames in London for The Watchmen:

and then…we laud initiatives like this in the US:

Okay, I understand this fish has a facebook group, a ringtone, a harem of vinyl trout ladies and has created a general “buzz”, but I can’t tip my hat to it.

If you are singing the jingle at your desk, you might as well ‘x’ out-we clearly have differing tastes.
One woman’s opinion.
Regardless, I was walking home from work the other evening when I noticed this:

I personally love it.  I’m not holding it up as the piece de resistance of advertising, or halo-ridden indication of some second coming of Christ, I just like it. simple.  I have since seen the posters around Park Street, on T-cars and plastered on the Aquarium itself advertising the many different personalities of the New England Aquarium penguins.  Great initiative!

Clever, made me smile, and after a bit of research I realized Mullen was behind the ads.  I wish I could say I was surprised, but the advertising firm has actually has had some tricks up their sleeves over the years with clients including Zappos, Monster, and JetBlue to name a few.  As a marketing major often jaded by the advertising industry, I DO tip my hat in this instance to the Boston-based firm.

It makes me want to go see these characters at The New England Aquarium and check-out “Plum Pudding” in person.

Before I go, I can’t help but be reminded of the time my friends and I went to the aquarium to see the seals, one of which was floating on the bottom of the tank.. on its back.. under a death shroud of phytoplankton.
I began frantically Googling “how long can seals hold their breath”, while my wicked friends went up to the name plates taking bets on which seal kicked the bucket.
“Hm, looks like it has the same markings as Isaac, totally done for”
“Oh, Madea was born in 1985? I have this in the bag.”
(Don’t worry- seal X eventually shimmied away in a very alive manner.)

Glad my seal experience was not the basis for the New England Aquarium’s latest campaign and that they went with the penguins.

Much safer bet.

Broad appeal.

The kids’ll love it. ♥

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