The new (aspiring) marchand-mercier on the block

Why, hello—Flux is back! 

Cue fanfare.

End fanfare.

I have decided to ditch the weekly art event updates(which for those of you unfamiliar, was the original site’s primary focus) and keep things easy, breezy, and bloggy.

When I originally launched Flux, my intention was never to become a virtual yellow pages, and believe I can do more “good” in a less-structured streamofconsciousness format like this.  Much better than getting bogged down on Sundays trying to seek out upcoming attractions for the week.  I’ll leave all that data mining to the free weeklies and event websites.  But if your friend/grandmother/mail-order bride is in town and you need some ideas, shoot me a line and I will be happy to help.

While I currently dwell in the Finance realm, I am taking itty inchworm steps towards owning and operating my own commercial art gallery/event space.  The more I can be connected to what’s going on in the art world, the better equipped I will feel in undertaking such a serious emotional/financial/labor-of-love intensive business venture.   

Just so you know, things are really going places now that my father and I scrawled an incoherent spatial layout design of my gallery on a cocktail napkin last Thanksgiving after a couple of pints and a vat of sweet potatoes. Again, itty inchworm steps?

I may not be able to rid the world of its ailments with Flux, but maybe I can share with you some article, picture, insight, or video of a scuba-diving kitten that inspires you to do big thangs.

You’re the best.

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