Monday’s Time Killer: Windosill

Let’s just ease into the week..

“Artist Patrick Smith’s Windosill, a Flash-based video game that’s playable in your internet browser, is a fascinating work both for its slow, subtle game play and its visual inspirations, namely Greek-Italian proto-Surrealist Giorgio de Chirico’s empty landscapes and American Philip Guston’s still-life paintings, inspirations that the artist acknowledged in an interview with Kill Screen.”

(The work of Philip Guston)

I loved tooling around Windosill as its fun to mindlessly poke, click, and move things around the different levels. The game has no ‘bad guys’ and there is no crazy plot to master other than getting from one beautifully rendered room to the next.

Read more here.

Play the game here.

(L’énigme d’un jour, Giorgio De Chirico)
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