Metropolis Monday

I am the worst patient.

The Black Plague looked something like this:

My own personal plague looks something like this:

If I contract a sore throat or am housebound for more than 8 hours, I can usually be found doubled over in frumpy pajamas, adorned with heating pads, solidifying arrangements for my viking funeral(you should come!) and having already bequeathed the majority of my belongings to house plants and pets.

This weekend was no exception, but it did provide me the opportunity to watch lots and lots of movies.

As I sat at death’s door, I watched Beautiful Losers, a John James Audubon Documentary, and The War of the Roses with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.

Did they really expect us to believe a then 45 year old Michael Douglas was a passable 20 something Harvard Student?

Regardless, all this movie watching has me thinking about one of my favorite film posters, Fritz Lang’s 1927 Metropolis.

Such an iconic image. I have yet to see Metropolis, but the movie’s soaring buildings of the future have had several appearances in my dreams and I have always loved the whole German Expressionist, Bauhaus, Art Deco kind of vibe.

Rotten tomatoes seems to think I will like it.

And so it shall be.

Just wanted to pop in to share that, ‘poor me’ a bit, and wish you a very happy Monday!

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