Mark Dion’s Massachusetts Moment

“I have always been interested in the subjective nature of museums. I have worked with a wide range of collecting institutions, from art museums; archaeology, technology and history museums; natural history museums; and even zoos and aquariums. In all these institutions there is shared the phenomenon that collections are driven by individuals; they develop through quirky subjective tastes and preferences rather than an objective scientific process. Even in natural history museums, the collections are skewed by the curator’s particular focus. “

- Mark Dion, excerpt from conversation with artist and Rose Art Museum‘s curatorial assistant, Caitlin Rubin, re: The Undisciplined Collector

Artist’s work currently on view in Massachusetts:

- Octagon Room, MASS MoCA, through November 29, 2015

- The Trouble with Jellyfish, Le Laboratoire, through January 2, 2016

The Undisciplined Collector, Rose Art Museum, permanent installation

What are you waiting for? Go see mark art. ♥

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