Chillspace. Monday Funday.

I think we all could use a little mindless fun on a Monday morning, right?  As I’m drinking my coffee and becoming a functioning member of society, I stumbled upon Daniel Leyva’s contribution to JstChillin.

Every two weeks an artist takes over the website with all new work that pertains to “chillin’”. 

Daniel’s site is a bit confusing to explain..basically it is a screen of radio buttons, text fields, drop down menus and the likes that you click away at.  When you’re done tinkering, hit ‘Go’ on the bottom of the page to generate your ‘chillspace’.

This is mine:

(aside:It’s an animated gif on the site, but I can’t figure out the proper embed code)

It’s like Daniel is inside my head.  I would love a room with an underwater desktop computer, toxic sludge and a waterfall that is not confined by the laws of gravity.

To see other use submissions, check out the gallery.

Give it a try! ♥

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