Ann Hirsch at Somerville Open Studios 2010

                                            MAY 1st + 2nd, Sat – Sun., 12-6

“The Ecstasy of Pigs”
mixed media automaton, 2007

(it moves!)

I met Ann Hirsch in 2008 at the Somerville Open Studios when the original Flux was a series of thoughts firing around in the synapses of my brain. Her work instantly caught my eye because it really is..-searches adjective bank-  amazing.

There are no other words.  The innovative projects she created stood apart from much of the traditional pottery/jewelry/watercolors of lighthouses in adjacent studios and were the clearly the lovechild of an insanely creative and talented mind. 

“Is This It? Is This It? Is This …”
mixed media automaton, 2006

(also moves!)

When Ann isn’t making endearingly-creepy animatronic pigeon hybrids, she dabbles in the realm of art restoration, portraiture, dioramas, and commercial sculpture work. 

Be sure to check out all of her projects.

This year, Ann’s work will again be shown at the Somerville Open Studios where more than 100 artists are opening their studios at Vernon Street alone (a new record) with 350 artists participating city-wide.

There will be free parking behind the building and a free trolley service available to help get around.

Ann’s work can be found at location #67 on the Somerville Open Studios Map and Studio #16 on the Vernon Street Map once you get to the building. 

For more information, check out the official website.

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