Amazing Horror Movie Posters


“Movie posters are an art, and horror movies have had their fair share of artistic triumphs. Some horror posters, in fact, are more entertaining than the actual films. Here are 60 of the best.”

Check out which posters made the list here.

Oh, you were expecting the weekly wrap-up?  

Not too much shakin’ this weekend besides Halloween dance parties, but I will throw up a few local happenings on Twitter this afternoon.

Was something going on this weekend I should know about? Do you own a venue space that could use a shout out? Are you an artist with an exhibit coming up? Is there an online game I should be killing time with besides Gold Miner? Do you need a shoulder to cry on? Let me know! 

In Closing: Eat lots of candy, check out a cemetery, drink cider, dress up, be safe, tip your bartender. ♥  

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