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Exploration of Lowbrow Art and "Devil May Care Vulgarity"

(Robert Williams) Even though the term “lowbrow” was coined during the mid 1990’s(we’ll get there) by Robert Williams, the roots of the movement, also known as pop surrealism, go back decades to Southern California hotrods called“Kustom Kars” and surf culture. … Continue reading

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Todd Schorr

“Truly engaging art always strikes directly with one’s innate human curiosity. its in our genetic makeup to pick the different, the odd, the unusual. certain symbols are universal, a skull for instance, but mixed with reference points from a person’s … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-Up for December 03, 2010

The first weekend in December! Time to rub noses like the eskimoses, put a dollop of CREAM on your hot chocolate and wear flap hats outside the privacy of your own home, maybe. In addition to the great art happenings, … Continue reading

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Tissues Dancing/Ancient Robotics/Boston in the PM

  Late post.  Today I am home sick watching ANTM on DVR and a Wife Swap marathon.  I don’t even have the strength to pretend I’m taking this time to make the world a better place.  Hopefully you guys are … Continue reading

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Make a Day of It! Salem, MA

  Is it safe yet? During the month of October, Salem becomes a page ripped out of my worst nightmare..and I’m not talking about the thin veil between us and the spirit world kind of situation.  I am referring to … Continue reading

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