Weekly Wrap-Up for February 17 – March 02, 2017

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Are You Really My Friend?

When: On view beginning February 18, 2017

Where: MASS MoCA, 1040 Mass MoCA Way, North Adams, MA 01247

How: Official Website 

What/Why: “In 2011, Maine-based photographer Tanja Alexia Hollander set out to differentiate the actual from the virtual by photographing all 626 of her Facebook friends. Since then, she has traveled across the globe, setting up in-person meetings in her friends’ homes to discover the ways in which friendship is defined, and how permission is granted into one’s private — yet also very public — online life. Through this project, the artist has been able to take the virtual out of friendship.

What began as a personal documentary on friendship and environmental portraiture has turned into an exploration of contemporary culture, relationships, generosity and compassion, family structure, community-building, storytelling, meal-sharing, the economy and class, the relationship between technology and travel in the 21st century, social networking, memory, and the history of the portrait. To accomplish this, Hollander follows in the footsteps of the Farm Security Administration photographers, such as Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange, who documented the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. She is also informed by Robert Frank’s The Americans, an iconic book of photography from 1958, which documents postwar America. Like these historic photographers, Hollander has set out to see America and the world. She is recording how society uses photography, the portrait, and social media to create and define a 21st-century existence.

While Hollander has presented segments of this working project at galleries and museums throughout the world, Are you really my friend? will premiere in its entirety at MASS MoCA in the spring of 2017. Visitors to the museum can expect to find a mix of photographs, video, data visualization/mining, travelogue, and landscape images, along with an interactive element that asks viewers to define what a real friend means to them. In the end, the project, while rooted in Facebook, goes beyond the superficial to explore ideas of interpersonal connections, travel, and community in today’s world.


Political Discourse

When: On view February 21, 2017 through April 15, 2017

Where: U Mass Boston, University Hall Gallery, 100 Morrissey Blvd. Boston, MA 02125

How: Official Website

What/Why: “A group exhibition of political art and art made political by its context, with works by: Ryan Arthurs, Elaine Bay, Chitra Ganesh, Mariam Ghani, Raúl Gonzalez III & IV, Jenny Holzer, Steve Locke, Joiri Minaya, Toyin Odutola, Dread Scott, Lorna Simpson, and William Villalongo”


2017 Wheaton Biennial: Printmaking Reimagined

When: On view March 1–April 10, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 2,  5:30-8:00pm

Where: Wheaton College, Beard & Weil Galleries, Watson Fine Arts, 26 E. Main Street, Norton, Massachusetts

How: Official Website 

What/Why: “Wheaton’s third biennial exhibition examines the boundaries of printmaking, showcasing work by 60 artists from 30 states, Canada, and Sweden, including sculpture, video, installation, and a wide range of prints using all kinds of techniques and materials.”


Bartram’s Boxes Remix

When: On view through April 16, 2017

Where: Fuller Craft Museum, 455 Oak St, Brockton, MA 02301

How: Official Website 

What/Why: “Bartram’s Boxes Remix is a collaborative project between the Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia and Bartram’s Garden, home of famed 18th century explorer and botanist John Bartram. The pieces in this traveling exhibition reference the boxes containing seeds, plants and curiosities that John Bartram sent back to his colleagues and clients in England. The show includes sculptural objects and installations created out of salvaged wood and other materials found in Bartram’s Garden.”

Also on view..

John Bisbee: Material Obsession

When: On view through March 26, 2017

What/Why: “John Bisbee has spent nearly 30 years using nails as his sole medium to create geometric sculptures, organic installations, and unwieldy objects from thousands of nails that are hammered, bent, welded, or fastened together in a seemingly limitless procession of forms. His mantra: “Only nails, always different.” John Bisbee: Material Obsession will be a site-specific installation during which John will use the space as inspiration for creating an immersive environment.”


The WOW® World of WearableArt (TM)

When: On view through June 11, 2017

Where: Peabody Essex Museum, 161 Essex Street, Salem, MA

How: Official Website 

What/Why: “For the last 25 years, New Zealand has hosted an annual design competition that challenges sculptors, costume designers, textile artists and makers of all stripes to explore the boundary between fashion and art, and to “get art off the walls and onto the body.” The WOW® World of WearableArtTM competition is the country’s largest art event and each year it culminates in a live runway show for winners in front of an audience of 50,000.

WOW® World of WearableArtTM — the exhibition — presents 32 ensembles the competition’s most unique, spectacular and outlandish wearable artworks. Expertly crafted in a range of materials, from wood and aluminum to fiberglass and taxidermy, these creations celebrate lavish creativity and push the limits of wearability. PEM is the exclusive U.S. east coast venue for this interactive and theatrical exhibition.

WOW® World of WearableArtTM is presented in partnership with the New Zealand government. Carolyn and Peter S. Lynch and The Lynch Foundation provided generous support. The East India Marine Associates of the Peabody Essex Museum also provided support.”


Deep Cuts: Contemporary Paper Cutting

When: On view February 25, 2017 – May 21, 2017

Where: Currier Museum of Art, 150 Ash Street, Manchester, New Hampshire

How: Official Website

What/Why: Deep Cuts will showcase work by contemporary artists who reconsider, redefine and even subvert the centuries-old practice of paper cutting. In the tradition of the craft, the art to be featured in the exhibition is impressive and intricate, but its subject matter is updated for the 21st century. Addressing deeper personal or social themes, the work will touch upon complex reference points including the various cultural, economic and environmental associations imbued in the humble medium of paper.

Artists featured in the exhibition: Elizabeth Alexander, Noriko Ambe, Hina Aoyama, Doug Beube, Ambreen Butt, Jonathan Callan, Rob Carter, Charles Clary, Brian Dettmer, Andrea Dezsö, Lauren Fensterstock, Adam Fowler, Randy Garber, Meg Hitchcock, Jim Hodges, Li Hongbo, Fred H C Liang, Marco Maggi, Youdhi Maharjan, Stefana McClure, Lisa Nilsson, Julian Opie, Shannon Rankin, Nikki Rosato, Kim Rugg, Mathias Schmied, Jane South, Jill Sylvia, Sarah Sze, Yuken Teruya, Robert The, Randal Thurston, August Ventimiglia, Mark Wagner, Kara Walker and C. K. Wilde.”


David Teng Olsen’s “Evo” Opening Party

When: Saturday February 18, 12 PM – 3 PM

How: Official Website 

Where: 395 Western Ave, Brighton, MA 02135-1005, United States

What/Why: “Artist David Teng Olsen and his crew braved the Boston winter to create “Evo,” a 170 foot mural located at 395 Western Ave. Stop by the mural site from 12 – 3 for refreshments and get your hands on a coloring book based on the mural. For more information, go here


Artist Lecture & Closing Reception with Amy Beecher

When: Saturday February 18, 4 PM – 6 PM

Where: New Art Center, 61 Washington Park, Newtonville 02460

How: Official Website

What/Why: “Artist-in-Residence, Amy Beecher (whose work is on view in “The Newest Romantics”) will be transforming the Holzwasser Gallery into a print studio, through February 18, combining digital and analog modes of printmaking to create unique works.

During this lecture and reception, learn about Beecher’s practice, source materials and inspirations that have shaped her work, including Roman Murals, food advertising, and the still life photography of Irving Sandler.

Learn more about Amy’s residencey and programs here


This Land: Laura McPhee and Taylor Perron

When: Thursday, February 23 at 7 PM – 8 PM

Where: MIT List Visual Arts Center, 20 Ames St Building E15, Atrium Level, Cambridge, MA

How: Official Website 

What/Why: “Renowned photographer Laura McPhee and MIT geologist Taylor Perron will share their concern for the American landscape through their respective projects and will discuss how they each bring awareness to the evolution of land and landscape. McPhee’s images invite contemplation about the unintended consequences of humanity’s attempts to control and manage nature and ask how we use the earth and to what ends. Perron uses fieldwork, remote imaging techniques and computer simulations to discover how landscapes change through time.

Many questions arise:
How do scientists use images to evaluate and understand issues facing the environment? How do these same issues affect the choices made by artists like McPhee? How do both science and art bring awareness to the public, an awareness we need now more than ever?”



(The Three Cent Memory, 2014, hand made book, vintage family photos. by Lorraine Sullivan, photo credit: Timothy Wilson)

When:  On view February 24 – April 09, 2017

Artist Talk: March 19, 2-4 pm

Workshops: March 19, 11 am-1 pm: Fiber Arts with Kelly Knight, Sketchbook Arts with Anne Plaisance.

Opening Reception: Feb 24, 2017 6- 8 PM

Where: South Shore Art Center, 119 Ripley Rd, Cohasset, Massachusetts 02025

How: Official Website 

What/Why: “”What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone, but what is woven into the lives of others” Pericles

We are all shaped by our unique history and genetic makeup. This legacy forms our very character, accounts for our bodies and contributes to our children’s inheritance. Our lives are stories lived, discovered, remembered, imagined and woven together.

In Legacy, four women share their personal stories using tools and crafts associated with women’s work and objects associated with home, children, motherhood. Each artist, in her own way, makes art that dignifies lives lived and promotes curiosity, empathy and love. They offer their personal stories hoping the viewer finds a shared universal inheritance.

Featuring: Susan Denniston, Kelly Knight, Anne Plaisance (curator), Lorraine Sullivan


Lynda Schlosberg: The Conscious Web Artist Talk

When: Saturday, February 25, 3 – 5pm

Where: Kingston Gallery, 450 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118

How: Official Website

What/Why: “Lynda Schlosberg, Cloud of Souls, acrylic on panel, 30 x 30 inches, 2016.
Join Lynda Schlosberg at the gallery during the last weekend of her solo exhibition, The Conscious Web. Celebrate this monumental presentation and hear the artist speak about her inspirations for the work and her process of developing her canvasses. There will be ample time for questions, and light refreshments will be served.

The paintings in The Conscious Web series are inspired by theories of quantum physics, which Schlosberg explores through vibrant color, and an organized chaos of line, pattern, and visual movement. Schlosberg’s paintings are not landscapes to be stepped into traditionally; instead they ask to be dissolved into as particles and waves of energy. Repeating patterns of dots suggest particulate matter. Interweaving layers of undulating lines and saturated colors swirl, expand and visually vibrate across the canvas. This labor-intensiveness adds to the feeling of spontaneous combustion and pulsating movement while her work thoroughly envelops the viewer. In addition to her paintings, Schlosberg has debuted a new format for her work by emblazoning an entire wall of the gallery with a large-scale reproduction on vinyl. This bold presentation of this work envelops the viewer as never before.”


Tilt Brush Demo

 When: Thursday February 23, 2017 6:30-9:00PM

Where: Boston Cyberarts Gallery, 141 Green Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

How: Official Website

What/Why: “Boston Cyberarts is holding a demonstration of Google’s virtual reality painting software, Tilt Brush. Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space within a virtual reality environment. There will be a short demonstration of the technology and then a number of attendees can try it out for 10 minutes each. First come, first serve. We will project what the others are doing so everyone can see the results!

This FREE event is a collaboration between Boston Cyberarts, ATNE, and Boston VR. It is open to ALL AGES.”



When: On view through March 11, 2017

Where: Barbara Krakow Gallery, 10 Newbury Street, Boston, MA

How: Official Website 

What/Why: “Times/Changes features works by three artists who use photography to create scenarios somewhere between fact and fiction.

Also on view..

Varying the Chorus

What/Why: “Varying the Chorus presents works by four artists with very different foci yet shows the overlaps, similarities and sympathetic tendencies among them.  Each artist has had a unique path in their art-making and the works within this exhibition represent pivotal moments for each of them.”



When: On view through April 1, 2017

Where: Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, 460 Harrison Ave, C7, Boston, MA 02118

How: Official Website 

What/Why: “Abigail Ogilvy Gallery is proud to present Fuse, an exhibition of artists Cassandra C. Jones and Alfred Steiner, curated by artist and professor at Brandeis University, Todd Pavlisko. Fuse is a coalescence of images that intersect politics and pop culture within the lascivious American backdrop. Sociopolitical messages are interwoven in a cleverly composited miscellany, layering the erotic and whimsical, the beautiful and grotesque.

Overlapped, Cassandra C. Jones and Alfred Steiner’s work present an abundance of images that force the viewer to consider every component with focused attention in order to process its content. Each piece unfolds a complex cluster of social messages that infiltrate our cursory habits of perception and comprehension.”


 Nights at the PRC –Square Format: Open Theme

When: Wednesday, February 22nd, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Where: Boston University, 832 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

How: Official Website

What/Why: “This Night welcomes work made using the square format, in any genre or topic…the theme is open-ended! Do you utilize a medium format camera of any kind (Hasselblad, Mamiya, twin-lens, Polaroid, Kodak Instamatic, or plastic) for your practice? Then consider signing up to share your work and/or attending this exciting Night held in conjunction with our current exhibition, “5×5: A Celebration of the Square & Exhibition of Affordable Photography.”

The Night will begin with a presentation by our artist host Suzanne Revy, then members will present as well; discussion and feedback will follow. We welcome engaged audience members and while presenters must be current PRC members (more on how to sign up to present at the below link), the events are FREE & OPEN to the public; no RSVP needed for the community!”


The Work of Hilary Tait Norod

Opening Reception: Monday, February 20th, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Where: Liquid Art House, 100 Arlington Street, Boston, MA

How: Official Website

What/Why: “See Hilary Tait’s largest paintings to date featured at the spectacular Liquid Art House! Join us at the Opening Reception for Inventive Cocktails, Delicious Bar Bites at the cash bar and Spectacular Artwork!
If you are not able to make the Opening don’t worry the work will be up for all of February and March! Stop by any time for Dinner, Drinks or Sunday Brunch during the two months.

Liquid Art House (‘L.A.H’) is an innovative gallery-restaurant concept that balances art, space and design through the prism of social dining. L.A.H. is designing an interactive “art hospitality” experience for its patrons—as showroom, gallery, restaurant, lounge and online platform. From curated installations to art-cuisine pairings to partner pop-ups, the canvas at Liquid Art House assumes the shape created by a brilliant community of chefs, artists, designers and nightly guests.”


I Dread to Think..

When: On view through March 19, 2017

Where: Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116

How: Official Website 

What/Why: “In the new Mills Gallery exhibition I Dread To Think…, curator Liz Blum integrates varied reflections on the ambiguous, multifarious emotions and feelings surrounding the state of fear, highlighting aspects of inner paranoia and anxiety as well as pointing to external influences—from political inducements, erosions of privacy and the persuasive media loop that seems to nurture our feeling of being unsafe.”


Inter-Dimensional Ports of Whatsoever

When: On view through April 1, 2017

Where: Gallery at Atlantic Wharf, 290 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02210

How: Official Website 

What/Why: “The Fort Point Arts Community is pleased to announce Inter-Dimensional Ports of Whatsoever at the Gallery at Atlantic Wharf, 290 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02210.

Curated by Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez, this eclectic exhibit brings together thirty + works from nineteen New England based artists.  Abstract, landscape and figurative manifestations in traditional and multimedia works reference the inter-dimensions through migration, sci-fi, post apocalyptic and inner cosmos points of departure.”


Material Matters: Gerri Rachins and Stephanie Roberts-Camello

When: Exhibition on view through March 02, 2017

Special Event: The Gallery continues its Lunchtime Lecture Series on Thursday, February 21, from noon-1:00 P.M. with Professor Gregory Slowik, of the Department of Art and Music, presenting The Muse Strikes Again: A Musical Interlude.

Where: Simmons College Trustman Art Gallery, Boston, MA

How: Official Website 

What/Why: “This exhibition brings together two artists who are engaged in divergent approaches to the usual, two-dimensional form of painting. Rachins and Roberts-Camello both access their personal history using drawings and family letters, respectively, to create something new as well as a pentimento of the past. The artists break the frame, play with shape and form inconsistent with their source material, and utilize eye-popping color.”


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