Courting the Creative Class in Boston

(Amy Rice)

Yesterday the ICA hosted Mass Appeal: Life Beyond the Job , an event “exploring how arts and entertainment impact whether or not people choose to live in Massachusetts.” The event was split into two sections Arts & Culture and Dining, Nightlife, & Recreation. Unfortunately I was chained to my desk at the 4PM cattle call, but I would have loved to be a part of the conversation.

From what I can tell, the event was a success in that it got people talking, but chatter suggested the <35 demographic was under represented.

How do you attract talent to Massachusetts schools, and then foster an environment where creativity can thrive after graduation?

Artist Caleb Neelon spoke at TEDxBoston this past Spring about initiatives to keep creativity in Boston.

He also wrote 10 Short Memos to Young Boston Artists

Hopefully there will be more events like Mass Appeal in the future that maybe the *cough* 9-5 crowd can sneak into without having to feign a last minute doctor’s appointment.

I shared my 140 character thoughts on Twitter. Add your 2 cents.

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